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First Assistant

Profile submission

Use this form to provide your professional credentials and headshot. We will input the information to populate your page, and create a calendar with links to your profile. Once completed, we will send instructions on how to manage your calendar. Use this platform to direct physicians and surgery schedulers to your page for case scheduling. 

First Assistant Profile

Please fill out the following form
in order to create your personal profile in our database.

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Upload CV or Resume

Select all days you are available and include the times in the spaces below. If you already have an online scheduling calendar, include the link below. We will populate your profile with this direct link.

Do you need an online scheduling calendar?

Your professional summary will be included in your profile for quick reference. Briefly describe your training, education, and professional background.

Select all specialties you have experience according to the level of expertise you possess:

  • Advanced : Proficient in most cases; limited to no direction needed to anticipate steps of procedures.

  • Moderate: Proficient in some cases; minimal to moderate amount of direction needed to anticipate steps of procedures.

  • Minimal: Assisted on a few procedures in the past; moderate to full support needed to anticipate steps of procedures.

Level of Experience: Advanced
Level of Experience: Moderate
Level of Experience: Minimal

Select all facilities you currently hold privileges:

Baylor Scott & White Hospital Affiliations
Methodist Hospitals
HCA Affiliatons
Texas Health Resources Affiliations
UT Southwestern

Once you submit your profile and select a membership plan, we will begin to build your page. 

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