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Let us do the preop teaching for you!

Preparing for surgery is a major event with a lot of moving parts. It's easy for patients to become overwhelmed and confused. Allow us to manage the preoperative teaching for you. If your patients would like personalized preoperative teaching with a nurse, submit a request and we will be happy to go over the plan of care and sit with the patient and their support team to give them an in depth overview of what to expect before, during, and after surgery.


Periop 101 for patients

Preparing for surgery is scary for a lot of people. The healthcare system is overwhelming, and the language we speak is confusing to most. It's no wonder patients forget things like preop labs, stopping certain medications, or not eating or drinking anything before surgery. Most offices are very busy and don't have the ability to provide in depth surgical teaching, so patients turn to the internet, friends, and families to get answers to their questions. We want to change that.


During our periop 101 class, we offer an in depth review of the specific plan of care determined by the Surgeon. Review of diagnosis, treatment plans, risks & benefits, steps of the procedure, what to expect before during and after arriving at the hosptial and much more.  This training will involve the patient, along with family and friends who they've chosen to be a part of their care team. We will discuss labs, tests, equipment needs, medications, postop recovery, and more. Proper education and preparation in advance will increase the odds of a successful outcome and enhance patient satisfaction. 

Let us help you get your patients ready for their big day!

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